How long does it take for the thyroid cancer surgery scar to disappear?

Thyroid cancer surgery scar after nearly two years
Thyroid cancer surgery scar after nearly two years

One of the questions people ask before and after having their cancerous thyroids removed is when will that thick red ugly scar go away. I guess it depends on how healthy you are, if you cover the area with fabric and/or sun screen, and how healthy you eat. Well, I kinda fail at all of that.

I had surgery to remove my thyroid cancer back in March 2016. Someone told me to pinch and rub the scar between my thumb and finger to loosen the fibers to prevent scarring. I think that I tried that, but it felt very weird and painful. I didn’t really worry too much about covering it, and I might have put sun screen on a handful of times. My scar is still present today, although it had faded much. (See photo). This scar fading took  nearly two years. I’ll guess that by the end of 2018, the scar should be even lighter in color or perhaps faded into a white line. (I have other surgery scars that are several years old that are a fine white line).

Hopefully this helps with your fear of scarring?

Author: Katherine

A mother and wife dealing with cancer, now in complete remission.