It’s like kidney stones for your eyes

Here’s something that you probably done as a child – gently pull out your eyelids and then press in the center to turn your eyelids inside out. The red flesh over your eye looked creepy, so you’d show off your look to a friend or sibling and they would run away screaming.

Awhile back, I thought that I had something in my eye. No matter how much eye drops I squirted in my eye, nothing seemed to dislodge whatever was in there. Worried that I might have something lodged in my eye, I visited an eye doctor. When he couldn’t find anything in my eye, he flipped my eyelids inside out. From there, he put some numbing drops in my eye and then took a small spoon looking thing and scrapped my eyelid. He told me that I had some conjunctival concretion on there. He said that most people have these little yellow ball things in their eyelid, but usually they either don’t bother people or they fall out on their own. He likened it to “kidney stones for your eyes.”

I googled photos of this when I got home. If you wear mascara, it can cause the inner eyelid to be dark. Kinda gross when it’s mixed with the conjunctival concretion.